Traveling around the world helps to inspire wellness in the mind and body

I find traveling around the world helps to inspire wellness in the mind and body. It’s important to experience other cultures and languages. It’s also amazing to witness other ways of living. Traveling can really help one to understand their own personal expectations and beliefs. Allowing you to break out of the norm for awhile and step into someone else’s shoes for a bit is a powerful way to expand your thinking and also grow as an individual.

I believe that traveling at a young age and seeing how other people lived completely shaped who I am today. It allowed me to become extremely grateful for growing up with so much more stability and support than the majority of the rest of the world. It also allowed me to appreciate the small things we can sometimes take for granted, while opening my mind up to how many different beliefs and daily rituals there are all around the world.

But no matter where I was, family, community and food always stood out. I love immersing myself in the culture. I try to forget I’m just visiting and imagine a life wherever I’m staying.

Learning new ways of life, cultures and experiencing an array of foods truly lights me up. I realize how important it is to expand our own ways of thinking and that trying new things can open us up to so many experiences and opportunities in our own lives. Plus, it makes cooking that much more fun. Every place has their own unique way of living and making food. And learning these rituals and then trying them out at home is a great way to take pieces of places I love back home with me.