For the past 7 years I have been named one of LA’s leading Cleanse Specialists. I take pride in providing exceptional Organic Raw Food & Juice Cleanses. Whether I’m working with an A-list actor, busy mom or young professional, I make sure my clients are fully supported. Throughout my program they lose weight, have sustained energy and are incredibly nourished. I am always pleased to see them shine with a radiance that can only come from within.

My Cleanses are designed to assist your body to rebuild new healthy cells and boost your immune system. Since everything is made from Raw Vegan food, it also works as an elimination diet.

Allowing your body to rebalance while it detoxifies from everyday processed and inflammatory foods.

Taking this time to honor your relationship to food is incredibly powerful. It is a strong reminder that food is fuel and also medicine. I have seen incredible shifts take place with my clients in just a week. It helps set the stage for better choices and more awareness once the 5 Day Program is complete.

If you are in the LA area and would like a fresh start and nourishing food program, contact me at Whitney@HighVibeWellness.

I offer a Community 5 Day Cleanse once a month and Private Cleanses each week.This is a fantastic way to fuel your body with everything it needs while setting yourself up for lasting success. Creating true High Vibe Wellness!