Favorite Travel Tips

My main priority while traveling is to be fully energized and present. It’s no fun spending the first few days in a jet lag fog or feeling under the weather do to travel sickness.

I travel a lot back and forth from LA to New York and overseas about once a year. This means I have to adjust to different time zones and climates often. In order to have the best experiences and fully maximize my time wherever I’m at, I make sure to stick to some basic tools while traveling. So I thought I’d share my favorite travel tips that keep me energized and ensure that I make the most out of every destination.

  • Hydrate

This is a big one. The best way to help the body adapt to new climates and time zones is to be very hydrated. This will help to keep your digestion regular and energy up as well. I get really serious about this one. Start by drinking only water on your travel day. I drink a lot of water before leaving for the airport and then I buy a bottle as soon I’m at my gate waiting to board. I even go as far as to only drink water on the plane. Boring, I know… but this was a game changer for me when adjusting to Euro time every trip. If you’re going to indulge in a beverage I would recommend it as soon as you are in the air or right before landing. That way you can hydrate and rest on the majority of the flight.

  • Set your watch to your destination’s time before leaving

This helps a lot. Just knowing what the time is in advance, even the day before can help to mentally prepare for the adjustment. I use it to help me get to bed earlier before my travel day. Once you’re on the plane, really get in the mind set of the new time and try to rest accordingly.

  • Work in movement

This starts on the flight. Be one of those people that walks down the aisle and stretches in the back of plane. That little movement pays off with blood flow and recovery once your back on the ground.

Then at your destination make sure to work in some type of movement. I love riding bikes wherever I’m staying, it’s a favorite of mine.  I know a lot of people want to take a full break from their regular routines, but adding in some workouts will only help to increase energy and ensure better sleep. Plus, you want to indulge in new and different foods, so making time to workout makes it easier to enjoy everything fully in the food department.

  • Find a local market and stock up on essentials

I love exploring new markets to see what they have. The first day I arrive I always find the closest market and load up on some basics; tea, fruit, veggies, avocados and whatever seems like it will make for a good breakfast or snack. I always feel much more grounded in a new place when I have some of my old favorites to rely on each day.

  • Discover and try new things

Even though I love to have some food from home with me, I still make sure to always experience local food and customs. It wouldn’t be as fun to only eat avocado toast all around the world 😉

Letting go of some our usual routines is so important to really let loose and experience what different places have to offer. If not now, then when? Be a little adventurous and say yes to new types of food and places. It’s worth it, because that’s what always makes for the best memories.

  • Explore without plans

This is a major one for me. I think all of the best times are found in the in-between moments. Make sure you have a day or two without any set schedule. Pick a neighborhood to just walk and explore. Take your time and really let it all sink in. Let yourself get caught in the rain. You never know who you will meet or what you will find. Wandering the streets of Paris or New York this way is a must. This is how the best restaurants, comedy shows and people have come into my life. Simply by taking the time to just look and walk.

I hope this helps you adapt faster and make the most out of wherever your next trip takes you. Safe travels! xoxo