My favorite tools for 2017

I spend every day making sure I’m surrounded with the best things to lift me up and make me feel healthier & happier just by using them. I want to share my favorite things that also make amazing gifts for friends and loved ones. Helping the people you love feel happier, healthier and more high vibe has to be one of the greatest gifts 🙂  So here are my all-time favorites for daily use and lots of gifting love. xoxo


Blue Blocker Sunglasses- I think everyone should be wearing these at night. I know we’re all guilty of late night screen use, even if it’s just checking our phone or reading an article before bed… but even limited screen time will still disrupt melatonin production. Making it harder to fall asleep or even attain all levels of sleep.  With these awesome glasses you can actually block those sleep disrupting blue lights from the screen. Giving the gift of quality sleep is a big one, and they’re super affordable too 😉


Gaiam Yoga Mat –

I love my Gaiam yoga mat! It’s incredibly durable and always makes me happy when I roll it out and see how beautiful it is. This is a great gift because it can be used often and it will make whomever you’re giving it to feel extra special having their own personalized mat whether their at home or in class.





Crystal Salt Lamp –


These lamps are so beautiful and create a very soothing light. They are known for having healing effects on their surroundings. Either way, they are gorgeous and kids also love them as night lights. I have one on my desk and it makes me happy every time I see it.




French Press –

Making coffee at home or even loose leaf tea is a nice morning ritual and can even become part of a morning meditation. There is something I absolutely love about this process. If you know someone who is all coffee maker and no press yet, this is a great gift!






BkR Bottle –

This is a wonderful brand and I love these little guys as gifts. They come in all different colors and are extremely durable and eco-friendly. And let’s face it, we can all be adding more water to our daily lives.  Even if someone has a togo bottle right now, this one will for sure become their new favorite!






Sleep Induction Mat –

This completely changed how I fall asleep. Plus everyone that I bought this for has had the same awesome experience. It ensures that I fall asleep quicker and also stay asleep throughout the night. It uses acupressure to send feel good endorphins throughout the body, creating an overall relaxation that lets you drift off to sleep with ease. You’ll be a star for gifting this one 😉







Doreen Virtue Cards & Guide Book –

I love my Angel card decks and so does everyone I use them with. Doreen has the best collection and they are very intuitive and easy to use. They will always put a smile on your face. This is the perfect starter deck because it also comes with a guide book inside. These cards are the perfect loving gift. xoxo





Superfoods –

These are the best smoothie ingredients! Giving someone this gift is a big way to amplify their well-being while also giving them a little break on having to feel like they’re splurging on themselves. Camu Camu is the ultimate source for Vitamin C making it the perfect winter addition to a daily routine.

Spirulina is the Queen of greens with tons of nutrients and protein. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet- Nutrex Hawaii Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica 500 mgs., 400-tablet BottleMaca is my favorite daily adaptogen that is used to boost mood and energy while also balancing hormones- Healthworks Maca Powder Raw Organic, 1lb




Personal Food Processor –

Super simple to use and a quick clean-up! I love having this. You can make all of the fancy goodness without the time and mess of a big processor. This is great for individual or couples to use. From pestos, salsas, or raw desserts. I love whipping this bad boy out for a quick prep.







Personal Vitamix

If you want to give the best gift… here it is! This personal Vitamix. It’s still large enough to make everything you could ever need to, while also not taking up too much space or income 😉 It is still a big purchase, but something that can be used every single day. Always a win!


I hope this gives you some great ideas. I know all of these have always been a big success, so I hope they are for you too. Happy Holidays!



Love & Light,