How to Change your Diet- And Stick to it!

There are endless Diets, Cleanses and Protocols out there these days. Finding the one that’s right for you is hard enough, then when you do, having to adhere to so many new ‘rules’ can be overwhelming and very discouraging if you can’t seem to stick to it.

After working with clients over the years and researching many modalities, I finally noticed what the key to actually making it work is– The most important part is to truly Know the ‘Why” for what you are eating and Be Fully Connected to the Outcome of your choices.

Getting clear on what you value and how you want to feel each day is a great starting point to sticking to a new way of eating.

Meaning, truly knowing how food makes you feel; physically, mentally and ethically.

The best way to do this is to actually track what you eat and how you feel during and after. A food journal is a great way to achieve this. You may think you know, but seeing it on paper with energy and mood is an incredible insight.

An example from my own experience with a food journal involved my low energy and even my skin. I kept getting a rash on my face and couldn’t figure out the cause. Once I wrote everything out, I was able to see a distinct pattern I didn’t see before.

And part of what I had to omit were certain fruits. And I love fruit! Especially bananas and dates. But knowing that what I valued was steady energy and clear skin, it became easy to stick to a plan where my desire for the outcome was more important than a moment with a sweet date 😉

Becoming clear on what foods were causing a reaction and also what foods were zapping my energy was a huge tool. I was able to create a meal plan and follow it with ease. And no, it doesn’t match any specific ‘Guide’ or popular method. It follows what I need. And that is an important part of this.

It’s easy to get romanced or swallowed up with the newest trendy diet, but unless you know why you are trying it, it probably won’t last that long.

So figure out what’s important to you and how you want to feel. Then make your food decisions- for you.

It has now been a month, and it’s been way easier than I thought it would be. But I know it’s my commitment to feeling High Vibe that is fueling me 🙂

Then there’s Ethics. When looking back on diets that were so easy to switch to, my moral compass played a huge role. For example,  seeing how animals are terribly mistreated makes eating factory farmed animals that have been caged and injected with Antibiotics and hormones an instant and easy no for me.

Knowing the impact my food has on the environment or other living beings is a great driving force. There was a candy I use to be hooked on years ago. And it wasn’t the overdosing of Glucose that got me to quit, but seeing that it had Palm Oil in it. Palm Oil (when not purchased from a humane company) is sourced through deforestation. Leaving multiple species without homes and devastating sacred parts of the planet.

So yeah, that was an easy one to give up after knowing that 🙂


Another important factor when you truly want to stick to something is to find the value in the Outcome.

Maybe for you it’s to feel light on your feet, so you can play longer with your kids. Or it might be wanting to feel extra confident in your skin when going out for auditions- making it easy to stop with the foods that funk you out.

Whatever it is, having an emotional and specific connection can really help you to stay committed.

It does for me at least.

Remember that knowing the ‘why’ you are doing this, is just as important as figuring out the ‘how’ you can do this.

When you eat food that makes you feel great, you will show up as your best self. And that is true High Vibe Wellness.

Far too often I see clients back themselves into a corner with a specific plan. Knowing full well some of it doesn’t suit their needs. But their afraid that eating something different will take them ‘off the plan’, and they feel like they are failing somehow. Just know, this is not the case.

If you are eating what fuels you, You Are Succeeding!

And the people who create eating guides, are creating just that; a guide. They are showcasing what works best for them, personally.  It should not be black and white all the time (unless following it to a T is what works best for you too)

I really think that being too strict and abiding by Protocols and Guidelines has gotten way out of hand. Just listen to your own unique body. It will always know best.

And if you need any help along the way, you can contact me for a High Vibe Wellness Session, where I  show you easy ways to listen to your body and create your own unique guide. Fitted just for You and your High Vibe LIfe!

*A note on additional help

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