Boosting your Immune System


With allergy season among us, I know a lot of people are feeling a little under the weather.

The change in season and weather can always be hard on the body. My very favorite thing to do to keep myself at full health year round is high dosing on Vitamin C.

When I spoke to multiple Dr’s about how they stay healthy while exposed to so many people, they all answered the same way;  high Doses of Vitamin C.

But here’s the catch, it’s not just any Vitamin C, but a lyposheric form. Which basically means there is a gel that will hold the Vitamins so it can make it through your entire system, where it can be fully utilized.

When we take the absorbic or citric acid forms, we have the chance of excreting it rather quickly, sometimes before our body can even use it!

We can’t boost our immune system if we’re just flushing out the vitamins every day.

This is my favorite form of C to take on a regular basis 🙂 

I have now taken it a couple of winters in a row and through allergy season and stayed healthy the entire time. I also just traveled to Europe and back on multiple flights during the winter. On one of the flights, at least one person coughed every minute for 9 hours straight. Gross.  This was the ultimate test for me. I took a couple of packs that day, and never even coughed myself. I made it! So now I really swear by this stuff.

But usually, just one packet first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is best.

And if you feel your immune system is fine, know that this also helps with healing the gut to properly absorb nutrients.

And, the best part, Vitamin C helps produce collagen. Meaning it will help reduce the sign of aging and make your skin look amazing!

Another great source is Navitas Naturals Organic Goji Berries, 1 Pound Pouches

I love adding these to my daily smoothie. But if you’re in colder weather, I know a cold smoothie won’t help you stay strong.  So instead, you can actually add a Tablespoon of Goji Berries to a hot cup of water, and voila- Healing Tea!

It will add a bunch of Vitamin C and other beneficial nutrients to the water, then afterwards, the berries will be hydrated and ready to eat at the bottom of the mug. Perfection.

Since they’re rehydrated from soaking, they will be even easier to digest. Which is an added bonus.

I truly hope this helps you feel stronger and have more tools to use as the seasons change. Here’s to an abundance of High Vibe Wellness!