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Hi, I’m Whitney Ayers, the creator of High Vibe Wellness. I’m a board certified health coach and celebrity nutritionist. I have been creating customized cleanses throughout LA for the past 7 years. I specialize in optimizing energy and performance on a daily basis. Working on the sets of popular TV shows such as Scandal, True Detective and Dexter. Always helping my clients to perform and look their best every single day.

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For the past 7 years I have been named one of LA’s leading Cleanse Specialists. I take pride in providing exceptional Organic Raw Food & Juice Cleanses. Whether I’m working with an A-list actor, busy mom or young professional, I make sure my clients are fully supported. Throughout my program they lose weight, have sustained energy and are incredibly nourished. I am always pleased to see them shine with a radiance that can only come from within.


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